Area / Industry Typical Parts / Application
  •   Various Structural, Panels, Engine Components, Shims, Pre-operations on Turbine Blades … in Titanium, Aluminium, Composites, …
Architecture / Art work
  •   Cut various Forms in Stone, Tiles, Marble, Ceramic Glass, Stained Glass … for Inlay Work (Floor, Wall, Table top …), Murals, Decorative Panels,
  •   Components for architectural trim and window systems
  •   Signage Letter / Forms
  •   Prototype Parts : Trims, Panels, Gaskets, Clutch Material, …
  •   Customized Parts
Electronics / Electrical
  •   Circuit boards (populated and UN populated)
  •   Custom Panels, Enclosures,
  •    Panels, Parts
Food Industry
  •   Slitting Operations Bakery, Meat, Sea food, …
  •   Prototype / Low Volume in various Materials – Teflon, Copper, Asbestos, …
  •   Lens blanks (up to 2” thick) from glass and quartz
  •   Glass components used in the electronic and medical industry
  •   Special shaped window panels for cabinets and doors
Inlay Work
  •   Parts for Inlay work – Architecture, Art work, Musical Instruments
    •   blanking of surgical instruments from special steel alloys
    •   artificial limb components, carbon braces, orthopaedic implants
    Modelling Prototyping R&D
    •   Prototype Parts for various industries – Auto, Gen Engg,