Passion drives Excellence. Passion for Manufacturing Engineering at K G K Engineering means

Delivering a 360 degree solution that achieves First Time Right (FTR) / Every Time Right (ETR) with an optimal usage of resources.

Right is as defined in the drawing / specification & received at the point of use in the condition as expected by the end customer.

Low Setup Time / Zero Setup Time.

Local manufacturing optimization of individual features (Balloons) coupled with Global manufacturing optimization at the cell / plant level, results in a sustainable overall low cost solution.

Use of IT for Manufacturing Knowledge management

We achieve this by

Deep Dive of every detail in the Part or Product Design Drawing or Specification.

Arriving at an optimal local / global solution for producing each detail (balloon) which meets the Quality, Cost, Delivery & Environment requirements.

Creating the larger framework for sustenance of the solution (Process Maintenance, Skills needed to operate, set, …)

All this is done in a close collaborative manner with members of your organization