We strongly believe that ‘Profit’ lies in the details & in how the details are dealt each & every time.

If every detail is understood, approached with the right solution & sustained thru a proper Preventive Maintenance System, the cost & response time associated with the detail becomes predictable, consistent & would be low.

When aggregated through all details in this manner, the entire system starts becoming more predictable, consistent and low in cost / response time.

This in turn makes the Profit at a Cell, Department, Plant & Organization level more predictable & consistent.

This approach is rigorous & inclusive. This will cause an upgradation of product, component & process specific knowledge in more granularity across the levels of the organization. This will be beneficial for the organization in the long run.

This knowledge base makes on-boarding of new team members becomes focused, detail oriented & fast.

Waste, if any, would be clearly visible / traceable